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Do you know the principle and function of the surface cooler

Feb 02,2023
The full name of the surface home air cooler is a surface cooler. The principle is to flow the heat medium, refrigerant or refrigerant through the inner cavity of the metal tube, and flow the air to be treated through the outer wall of the metal tube for heat exchange, so as to achieve the purpose of heating or cooling the air.

3-speed Home Air Water Cooler
3-speed Home Air Water Cooler
There are two common types of surface coolers: one is the heat exchanger of the fan coil unit, and its performance determines the ability of the fan coil unit to deliver cold (heat) and its influence on the air volume. General air conditioners have this equipment. The second is the air-cooled finned condenser of the air conditioning unit. Its main functions include: use refrigerant to absorb heat in the surface cooler, and gradually reduce the temperature of the cooled space. The surface cooler cools the air flowing through the heat exchange fins outside the tube through the chilled water (medium water) in the air conditioner, and the fan sends the cooled cold air to the place of use for cooling.
Surface coolers are usually installed directly in air conditioners, and their service status and service quality affect indoor air quality and noise levels. Therefore, a good air filter and water must be the daily maintenance service of the plate, coil, fan and other major components to ensure the normal operation of the fan coil. Surface cooler coil maintenance: The coil undertakes the important mission of cooling boiled water to dissipate heat and cooling fan coil air. High-efficiency heat ensures the necessary smooth surface coils.
What is the working principle and function of the surface cooler?
1. It is a product with reasonable flake arrangement and good heat exchange effect;
2. It ensures the close contact between the aluminum fin hole wall and the copper tube through the strict mechanical riser tube, and is not affected by heat rise and cold shrinkage, thus stabilizing the efficient heat transfer of the surface cooler.
3. The unique bending process greatly reduces the volume of the surface cooler and realizes the efficient heat exchange of refrigerant, hot and cold water and air.
4. It is the best choice for building vacuum, purification air conditioner, variable wind air conditioner, commercial and residential air conditioner manufacturers.
5. The cooling water consumption is greatly reduced, and the air cooler's demand for cooling water flow and pressure supply is reduced. The delivery quality of compressed air is improved, and the water content in compressed air is reduced.

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