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How to control the noise generated by the air cooler

Feb 14,2023
We all know that when the home air cooler works for a long time, the noise of the fan will become louder and louder, but how much do we know about the causes and solutions of the phenomenon? When installing the air cooler, in the choice of location, avoid close contact with other objects. Close installation will cause the fans to collide with each other during operation and generate noise. If it is unavoidable, choose something softer and place it in the middle to fill. When installing the air cooler, lock the wheels of the feet. Do you want to choose a relatively stable ground as far as possible when choosing the place to place the air cooler, so that the wheels of the feet will not collide with the ground, or pad some fillers in the gap to reduce direct ground contact.
The voltage of the air cooler should be controlled within the rated voltage range. When the voltage is too low, the start and operation of the air cooler will produce abnormal noise and vibration. Usually, we can choose a voltage stabilizer or a power regulator. A voltage regulator is used to stabilize the voltage and prevent noise due to low power.

Here are some ways to control the noise generated by an air cooler:
1.Choose a high-quality air cooler with a low noise level.
2.Keep the air cooler clean and well-maintained to prevent any rattling or unnecessary noise.
3.Place the air cooler on a flat, stable surface to reduce vibrations.
4.Avoid placing the air cooler close to walls or other objects that can obstruct airflow and cause additional noise.
5.Consider installing acoustic foam or sound insulation material around the air cooler to reduce noise.
6.Use a timer or programmable thermostat to regulate the air cooler's usage and prevent it from running continuously.
7.Place the air cooler in a room that is well-ventilated and has proper airflow to reduce the need for the air cooler to work harder, resulting in additional noise.

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