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How to control the noise produced by the air cooler

Jun 06,2022
We all know that when the air cooler works for a long time, the noise of the fan will become larger and larger, but how much do we know about the causes and solutions? When installing the air cooler, in the choice of location, avoid close contact with other objects. Close installation will cause the fans to collide with each other during operation and generate noise. If it is unavoidable, you should choose something softer, in the middle to fill. When installing the air cooler, lock the wheels of the feet. When choosing the location for placing the air cooler, should you choose a relatively stable ground as much as possible, so that the wheels of the foot will not collide with the ground, or pad some fillers in the gap to reduce direct ground contact?

The voltage of the room air cooler should be controlled within the rated voltage range. When the voltage is too low, the start and operation of the air cooler will produce abnormal sounds and vibrations to generate noise. Usually, we can choose a voltage stabilizer or a power regulator. voltage regulator to stabilize the voltage and prevent noise due to low battery. The filter should be cleaned frequently. Too much dust will clog the mesh holes and make the environmental protection air conditioner work harder. Because the cooling fan without drilling wells is cooling, the set temperature is 2 degrees Celsius higher, which can save 20% of electricity. In winter, the indoor temperature should be set between 20 degrees Celsius and 24 degrees Celsius; the air outlet around the air cooler without drilling wells should be kept smooth.

Do not stack large pieces of furniture to block heat dissipation and increase unnecessary power consumption; avoid direct sunlight. In summer, blocking the direct sunlight on the air cooler can save about 5% of electricity; when the air cooler without drilling well is used for cooling, the position of the air deflector is adjusted to the horizontal direction, and the cooling effect will be better; connect the indoor unit with the outdoor The environmental protection air-conditioning piping of the machine is short and not bent, and the cooling effect is good and does not consume electricity. Even if it is necessary to bend, keep the piping in a horizontal position. Improve room maintenance structure.

For some rooms with poor door and window structure and large gaps, it is best to improve them, such as sealing the window gaps with glue paper tape, using sunshade curtains, etc. to reduce the loss of air-conditioning caused by the gaps; choose environmental protection with moderate cooling power air conditioner. An air conditioner with insufficient cooling power not only cannot provide sufficient cooling effect, but also shortens the service life of the air conditioner due to continuous operation for a long time, and increases the possibility of malfunction of the air conditioner. The most important thing is that whether the air cooler without drilling well saves electricity or not depends on its energy efficiency ratio. The higher the energy efficiency ratio, the more energy-saving it is.

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