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How to make your swamp cooler colder and more efficient

Jan 07,2022

The day is a bit too hot, and you wish window air cooler for an extra touch of freshness. Not a loud freezing AC, not an ice-cold bath, just a sweet chill breeze for a boost. If you are a happy swamp cooler owner, you are in luck! We have come up with a list of tips to make your swamp cooler colder.Have you ever added an unexpected spice to your dish, and it was a real taste revolution? The same works for swamp coolers  you can boost the performance by taking care of them the right way and making a few adjustments.To make a swamp cooler work better, you need to understand how it works first. A swamp cooler (also known as an evaporative air cooler) takes the warm air from the outside and passes it through special wet evaporative pads.

For example, in the case of
 Evapolar air coolers, the air goes through the eva cartridge. The moisture cools the air and cleans it.If you live in a dry climate, your swamp cooler will work better than in humidity. To keep a swamp cooler cold, dry hot air is what you need.Why? Evaporation is one of the most natural processes out there. You experience it every day while sweating. Your body cools down when the wet skin cools down in dry air. If the air is too humid, there is already too much moisture in the air for efficient evaporation.To increase swamp cooler’s efficiency in humid areas, we recommend you use it together with a dehumidifier.The ideal water temperature for a device like Evapolar is room temperature or slightly warm.

This is one of the surest ways to make your swamp cooler more effective. You don’t need to use ice-cold water for the best performance  it doesn’t change anything when it comes to evaporation. For example, Evapolar air coolers will perfectly get the job done without freezing your device.
Personal evaporative air coolers are about making you comfortable in your space. To improve swamp cooler performance, direct the air flow towards you. One of the advantages of having a portable evaporative air cooler is that you can place it wherever you want and see what works best in terms of cooling for you.Contrary to air cons, air cooler work better when the windows or doors are open. They need water and a fresh supply of air for proper functioning!

As long as the windows are open, the moisture is also escaping the space, which provides better air circulation, colder air, helps avoid moisture build-up and allows to make your swamp cooler colder and more efficient.
If your air cooler is malfunctioning due to bad maintenance, there are no tricks in the world that could save the day. In order to make a swamp cooler more efficient in the long run, proper maintenance will give it a long, healthy and happy life.Often, the efficiency of the air cooler depends on the device itself. We went through the points on how to make your swamp cooler colder and more efficient and we have the ideal cooler model that ticks all the boxes.The powerful Evapolar air coolers are very easy to optimize. They perfectly fit on your work desk, night table, your camping car or next to the yoga mat. If you want to make the best out of it  just position the swamp cooler next to you and enjoy! With correct maintenance, cold water and well-aerated space, Evapolar coolers will serve you for a long time, providing you with fresh chilled air.

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