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How to prolong the service life of the air cooler

Feb 08,2023
The service life of any product is limited, and air cooler products are no exception. We need to do something to prolong the service life of air coolers. What is the key? Like the Chengdu air conditioner, because the surrounding air is seriously polluted, sometimes the main unit should be cleaned once or twice a day, so as to ensure that the air-conditioning sent out is fresh and clean.

3-speed Home Air Water Cooler
3-speed Home Air Water Cooler

After the air cooler has been running for half a year, it is necessary to clean the water pump, water inlet valve, drain valve, liquid level switch and evaporation medium in the bottom basin. During the cleaning process, pay attention to the water pressure not to be too high, so as not to damage the wet curtain. In addition to cleaning the air cooler regularly, more maintenance and maintenance are required to prolong the life of the air cooler. Maintenance and maintenance requires attention to some details.

When starting to use the air cooler in summer, because it has not been used for a long time, in order to prevent freezing and damage the body, the air cooler manufacturer should close the tap water inlet valve and let the air cooler enter the cleaning mode to drain the remaining water in the bottom basin of the water tank. When overhauling the air cooler, the power supply of the control box must be turned off, and the air cooler maintenance personnel must hang a warning sign for maintenance and strictly prohibiting turning on the power supply when working in the machine.

When the air cooler trips due to a fault, the air switch can only be pressed after the fault is eliminated. To sum up, regular cleaning of the air cooler has a certain effect on prolonging its service life. At the same time, maintenance and repairs must be added, so that the use of the air cooler can be guaranteed to be worry-free.

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