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What are the advantages of air coolers in plant cooling

Jun 01,2022
The evaporative air cooler is also a common equipment in plant cooling. It can reduce the temperature in corporate workshops, public places, etc. and bring fresh air. It is widely used in corporate workshops. So what are the advantages of air coolers in plant cooling?
1. Low power consumption, the power consumption of the cooling fan per unit time is only one-fifth of the traditional air conditioner, which greatly saves the operating cost of the enterprise factory;
2. The heat exchange and refrigeration are carried out through the wet curtain, which does not require Freon as a refrigeration medium, and is safe and environmentally friendly in use;
3. The cooling speed is fast and the cooling effect can reach 5-10 degrees Celsius in relatively humid areas, and 10-18 degrees Celsius in hot and dry areas in the north;
4. The air cooler not only cools the temperature but also ventilates the indoor air, keeps the air clean and dry for a long time, does not cause the air-conditioning disease of traditional air conditioners, and has no harmful blowing feeling to the human body;

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