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What are the benefits of using a portable evaporative cooler

Apr 11,2022
If you start using portable evaporative coolers, you will find many benefits. Perhaps most important, however, is energy efficiency. Evaporative coolers are an excellent choice for cooling your home if you want to cool your space without using a lot of electricity. While the exact numbers vary, it is estimated that evaporative air coolers use only 15% to 35% of the electricity used by the air conditioner; this means that you can reasonably expect to use one-third of the electricity as when running the air conditioner. They also say that evaporative coolers, on average, cost about  less than air conditioners, but most households actually want both air conditioners in their home because air conditioners are preferred if the temperature is very high.

Another benefit beyond cooling, especially for those concerned about the environment, is that evaporative air coolers have no emissions. Unlike other cooling systems, evaporative coolers do not have refrigerants or compressors, nor do they release toxic chemicals into the air. The only real carbon footprint of this machine comes from electricity usage, which is much lower than an air conditioner. They also increase the moisture level in your home. Portable evaporative coolers are ideal for areas with dry climates, especially the western United States.

Traditional air conditioning systems can absorb moisture from the air, so using an evaporative cooler may be preferable. Proper humidity levels are not only good for the health of those who live in the home, they can also help protect the wood furniture and wood products in the house by reducing excessive drying. Evaporative coolers also stand out because they can be easily set up. Unlike typical air conditioning systems, you can place portable evaporative air conditioners anywhere you like without the expense, hassle or installation of equipment.

Essentially, you can buy a cooler and install it in any of your rooms. While cleaning and sanitizing is recommended, you don't have to spend a lot of time or money to install it. Having a device that you can easily move from room to room, or even take with you to different locations, will allow you to use your evaporative air cooler as effectively as you see fit. For example, if you want to add moisture to your child's room, you can run an evaporative cooler there; if you want to evaporative air cooler bring it to the office, you can choose. This versatility and convenience make portable devices stand out.

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