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What are the common problems in the operation of air conditioners?

Nov 19,2021
1. The wet curtain part of the air conditioner is not soaked when it is cooling:
The water distributor of the air conditioner is blocked, and it can be cleared or cleaned.

2. When the air conditioner is cooling, the wet curtain is not wet (the hand controller displays normally):
Check whether the water distributor and the distributor's water supply pipe are blocked, whether the water inlet of the water pump is blocked, and whether the water pump is working properly.

3. The refrigeration icon flashes on the hand controller.
This information indicates that the water level of the chassis in the machine is not enough. Check whether the water inlet pipe valve is closed, the water inlet valve is blocked, or whether the water is stopped. If the water level of the chassis is normal and the water shortage fault is still displayed, the water level probe is faulty.

4. Water leakage:
A. Water inlet pipe leaks: the metal pipe is damaged or there is no sealing ring.
B. Water leaks from the overflow port of the drain valve: At this time, the water level is too high, and the water inlet valve float needs to be lowered.
C. Water leakage on the side panel: Just remove the foreign matter left on the wet curtain, or the machine is not installed horizontally.

5. The air conditioner controller does not display:
At this time, check the power supply of the air conditioner and whether the electrical protection device is activated. If the three live wires and zero wires are connected wrongly when the three cameras are connected, the fuse of the control board is burnt.

6. The machine does not work when the three-phase camera is turned on, and the motor makes a loud sound: power supply lacks phase, you need to check whether the three-phase power supply is normal.

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