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What are the reasons for choosing a duct cooler

Apr 01,2022
A duct system evaporative air cooler is designed to provide a room with "conditioned" air, i.e. heated or cooled through a heating, ventilation and conditioning unit and recirculating or obtaining a similar volume of air as an HVAC unit. Air coolers are known to save energy and electricity bills with minimal maintenance. Therefore, the Duct Desert cooler is not only a green solution, but also ensures a substantial investment in your financial plan due to the low initial purchase cost and subsequent month-to-month operating costs.

When we talk about cooling parts of your office space, home, every room, and consistently, duct coolers come first. Metal ducts deliver cold air at the necessary pressure in different parts of the space to be cooled. Therefore, duct coolers are very effective for central cooling of your apartment or condo or your business premises. The small ducted air cooler comes with portable and attachable wheels that can be moved anywhere on your premises.

They are not difficult to handle, making them easy to carry. The larger ones are high performance and large confinement coolers that are usually fastened to the outside of your room or space and left open on the roof. Smaller duct coolers are easy to install on windows and portable. The cooler can also be easily placed on the gallery and maintenance can be done when needed. However, for ducted coolers installed on the roof, as part of centralized cooling. In order to save coolers to centralized cooling, one requirement is to identify appropriate locations and areas. The most extreme cooling impact in the space, as moving the cooler once it's been saved is time-consuming and cumbersome.

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