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What are the types and benefits of industrial air coolers

May 06,2022
Industrial air coolers provide amazing cooling anywhere. Industrial air coolers are also known as industrial swamp coolers or industrial evaporative coolers. They are used to provide tons of amazing cooling in plants, huge indoor spaces and outdoor areas. Such systems are also used as high-cost cooling solutions in dry environment areas. Industrial air coolers are used to cool large open and semi-open spaces.

They work on the principle of evaporative air cooling, where fresh air is continuously provided through air ducts and supply vents, and cooled by cooling pads and water. Using an uninterrupted stock of cold air, the hot air contains cooling pads and water. Exhaust the room to create a cool, airy, perfect, comfortable atmosphere. Industrial air coolers are ideal for industrial facilities, storerooms, workshops, places of worship, and other diverse areas with large open spaces that are difficult to cool and not commercially viable.

Also known as a portable evaporative cooler, it is an industrial evaporative air cooler. These are suitable for industrial areas such as warehouses and carports. They can also be used in other outdoor areas such as patios. These are usually built for large commercial or industrial settings and work by venting hot air outside. Industrial air coolers include window or wall mounted air coolers, slide coolers and down release coolers.

Industrial air cooler work just like regular processes, reducing heat and moisturizing the air by dissipating water. They are more powerful and efficient than traditional air conditioners in terms of energy use. Usually, they are more powerful than regular outside fans. At key points, they are used to cool warehouses, manufacturing plants, studios, construction sites and airports. Others are gyms, loading docks, huge tents, carports, swimming pools or porch areas.

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