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What is a Hybrid Air Conditioning System

Jan 24,2022
The hybrid air conditioner air cooler is a modern invention that incorporates both direct and indirect evaporative cooling, as well as refrigerated air-conditioning. With considerable energy savings in OPEX, the hybrid air cooling system is designed to provide comfort in all seasons. The hybrid AC provides 100% fresh air with temperature maintenance and RH control. It saves up to 40% of the electricity bill. It offers professional cooling solutions for your homes and offices. Its areas of application include factories, warehouses, office, and residential spaces.

Ventilation mode: Only fresh air.Indirect evaporative cooling mode: Only DAMA (sensible heat exchanger).Motorized dampers are connected to each of the fresh, return and secondary air passage.The hybrid AC unit runs in different modes depending on the ambient wet-bulb temperature.When operating in air conditioning and heating mode, the secondary exhaust and fresh air dampers close completely and the return one dampers open making the system work in a closed-loop.In the ambiator mode, the return air damper closes completely while the fresh and secondary air dampers are opened.

In winter, the hybrid cooling system switches over to re-circulation mode by closing fresh and secondary air damper.A BMS compatible PLC controller is programmed to select the mode of operation automatically as per the setpoints and the weather.Increased productivity of employees in workplaces.Reduces raw material rejection and increases the shelf life of finished products.Lowers temperature with lower addition of moisture to the air as compared to air washers.Creates more comfortable conditions for the workforce.

Substantial TR savings as it works in air-conditioning mode only during the selected time of the year.ATE provides sustainable heating and cooling solutions. The hybrid cooling system can be used to cool large spaces for process requirements and/or to maintain a comfortable environment for the workers in a variety of industries. For over a decade, HMX a business unit of ATE, hybrid ac manufacturer has been producing comfort hybrid cooling equipment with the help of dedicated and skilled employees. The hybrid cooling system used as an energy saving technology for building and large spaces. It is found that each hybrid system combines the advantages of the different cooling processes used.

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