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What is the principle of environmental protection air conditioning

Jan 09,2023
Environmentally friendly air conditioners, also known as evaporative air cooler, are evaporative cooling and ventilation units that integrate cooling, ventilation, dust prevention, and deodorization. In addition to bringing fresh air and lowering the temperature in corporate workshops, public places, and commercial entertainment venues, the environmentally friendly air conditioner has another important feature - energy saving and environmental protection! It is a brand new compressor-free, refrigerant-free, and air-free Environmentally friendly products of copper pipes, the core of the main components ----- evaporative wet curtain (multi-layer corrugated fiber composite) and 1.1KW main motor / 1/8 of the traditional central air-conditioning power consumption, can be more practical for various industries power saving.

Single-speed Industrial Wall Airflow Air Cooler
Single-speed Industrial Wall Airflow Air Cooler
Environmentally friendly air conditioners, also known as energy-saving and environmentally friendly air conditioners, air coolers, air conditioners, evaporative air conditioners, power-saving air conditioners, water-cooled air conditioners, energy-saving air conditioners, and central air conditioners, are energy-saving products advocated by the state!
Environmental protection air conditioning principle
Principle of evaporative cooling ventilation unit:
According to the natural physical phenomenon that "water evaporates to absorb heat, and the evaporation area affects the evaporation efficiency", the air passes through the evaporation wet curtain whose actual heat exchange area is multiple times that of the surface, absorbing a large amount of heat, thereby achieving the purpose of cooling.
Multi-layer corrugated fiber composite "wet curtain characteristics
The core component is the direct evaporative wet curtain - "multi-layer corrugated fiber laminate" wet curtain is a Swedish patented invention, it is a special "multi-layer corrugated fiber laminate", which is characterized by: good water absorption performance And ventilation performance, strong texture, water immersion resistance without deformation; corrosion resistance, normal service life can exceed 5 years.
Ventilation principle of evaporative cooling ventilator
The evaporative cooling ventilator unit is suitable for open and semi-open environments, and can directly transport natural wind and cool air after cooling. The outdoor fresh air is filtered by the Keruilai evaporative cooling and ventilation unit, and after cooling, it is continuously transported to the room in large quantities, and the indoor air with peculiar smell, dust and turbidity is discharged outside, while taking into account ventilation, cooling and increasing the air content. Oxygen and other effects, especially suitable for high temperature and crowded places.
Scope of application of environmentally friendly air conditioners: places with dense population or short use time and need to quickly cool down, such as: auditoriums, meeting rooms, churches, schools, canteens, gymnasiums, exhibition halls, shoe factories, clothing factories, toy factories, vegetable markets, etc. ; Places with strong polluting gas odor and large dust, such as: hospital halls, waiting rooms, kitchens, chemical factories, plastic factories, electronics factories, chemical fiber factories, leather factories, spraying and silk screen printing factories, rubber factories, printing and dyeing factories, textile factories Plants, breeding plants, etc.; production sites with heating equipment or high temperature, such as: machining, injection molding, electroplating, metallurgy, printing, food processing, glass, home appliances and other production workshops: shopping malls, supermarkets, playgrounds, entertainment that need to be open field, waiting room; suitable for agricultural research and cultivation centers or bases.

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