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What should be paid attention to when purchasing an industrial air conditioner

May 19,2022
As an electrical appliance that can effectively refrigerate, industrial air cooler are widely used in many factories. Do you know what we need to pay attention to when using industrial air conditioners?

1. Install explosion-proof and non-closed machinery and equipment, and maintain industrial air conditioners. The installation of industrial air conditioners does not meet the requirements, and safety accidents are frequent. Electrical equipment, such as air conditioners, plastic housings without a road grounding system, although there is a road grounding system, the cables or wire joints and terminal blocks do not need to be connected or welded together; power plugs, cables or insulated wires are arbitrarily changed, electrical Exposure of industrial air-conditioning modules of equipment components; electrical products that cannot be used properly, such as power sockets; or lack of control of technical standards such as electrical equipment, resulting in poor installation quality, poor maintenance, stable installation or risk. There will be a sudden safety accident. Electrical equipment includes wiring, industrial air conditioners, power switches, power sockets, etc. After a long time of application, the insulation layer will be brittle, the power switch will fail, and even the parts will be damaged. If it is not repaired or replaced immediately, it will often cause safety accidents when it is used again. 

2. The awareness of prevention at work is not enough. Some welders are paralyzed during work, have weak obligations, and do not strictly implement the safety requirements for actual operations that cause high-voltage electric shocks. For example, when the route or industrial air-conditioning and other machinery and equipment are already in operation, regular inspection and maintenance of electrical engineering is not carried out; or when the refrigeration unit is repaired, the light of the refrigeration unit is not on, and the electrical engineering cannot be operated according to the electrical engineering, which will cause high-voltage electric shock safety.

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