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When to Replace Your Air Cooler

Dec 03,2021
Your evaporative home air cooler will be your best friend when the summer hits hard. In some places, it is medically unsafe to stay in a room without air cooling for an hour or more during the peak heat period of the day.Having a fully functional air cooler is, therefore, a necessity. Like other appliances we use around the home, air coolers are bound to develop issues.No matter how well you use your air cooler and maintain it, a time will come that it will need to be replaced. When the time comes, regular repairs will no longer be the right thing to do.Most times, when air coolers fail, it is possible to repair them and start enjoying the benefits they bring once again. If you call in the right technicians, they can always know the right thing to do to get your machine working again.

However, a time will come when repairing the machine will not be the best decision for you.We can’t specifically state how long an air cooler will serve before needing replacement.However, there are signs we can see and conclude that it is better to replace an air cooler than to repair it. Here are clear signs that your machine needs replacement:A good quality air cooler should be able to serve you for 15 years or more. Some can’t last that long. Some manufacturers indicate the possible lifespan of their machines.If you have an air cooler unit that has served you for several years and has recently started causing you lots of troubles, it is advisable to get rid of it and buy a new one.

They are now very affordable in most places and quite easy to install and maintain.If you have an air cooler that has significantly deteriorated to the extent that you can feel the deterioration, it will be best to replace it as soon as possible.Signs of deterioration include rust, water leakage, and visible wear. If your machine has deteriorated significantly and looks really bad, consider changing it.Air coolers are known to be energy-efficient. In fact, that is their major selling point. If you have an air cooler that used to be energy-efficient but has suddenly started to consume too much electricity, then it will be a good idea to have it changed.

You can try to get your technicians to fix the issue, but if the machine continues to consume too much energy, you will need to replace it to save money.Air coolers are expected to blow out cool, moist air. If your old machine is blowing out warm air instead, even when there is adequate water in the water tank, and you maintain it properly, then there is a big issue.You can call in the technicians to look at the machine, but if it is still blowing hot air after a repair or maintenance schedule, then you may need a new one.Airflow is one of the important factors that determine how efficiently an air cooler will be able to cool your home or office.If the airflow is no longer enough to cool the space, then there may be a serious problem. If the issue is not fixed by regular maintenance or repairs, then you need a new air cooler.

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