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Why choose industrial air coolers for plant cooling

Jun 20,2022
It is not difficult to cool down the workshop, but the difficulty is that many workshops have a large area, and it is difficult for general equipment to achieve the effect of cooling and ventilation. Traditional air conditioners are expensive and need to be used in a closed environment for better results. Although the use of electric fans is not expensive, it cannot cool the environment.

It's not difficult industrial air cooler to say, as long as you find the right solution and equipment, you can also easily solve it. The industrial air cooler can quickly cool the workshop. The principle is to use the principle of water evaporation and heat absorption to cool the outside air and then continuously transport it to the workshop to achieve the purpose of cooling and ventilation.

The industrial cooling fan scheme designs different plant cooling schemes according to different workshop conditions. The design is very flexible. The industrial cooling fan can design different installation methods for different workshop cooling and ventilation. The basic common cooling fan scheme has point-to-point air supply by post personnel. Cooling, the overall cooling scheme of the plant.

Compared with traditional air conditioners, the power consumption of industrial air coolers is very small. The power consumption of a single air cooler per hour only requires 1 kWh of electricity, which can cool the workshop of hundreds of square meters. And the air supply volume can reach 18,000 cubic meters per hour. Brand new air delivery. It can quickly reduce the workshop temperature to 5-12C° after turning on for 1 minute. Not only can it meet the cooling needs of the workshop. It can also ventilate, deodorize and increase oxygen. Improve environmental comfort.

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