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Why use an evaporative cooler

Jan 13,2022
At Portacool, we specialize in making portable air cooler . All of our models can be easily moved to provide cooling whenever and wherever you want it. They can weigh as little as 35 pounds (dry), and they have sturdy wheels or casters for rolling wherever you need them. Plus, they just need an outlet and a water supply, which could be a water jug, pitcher, or garden hose.Air conditioning is a very energy-intensive process. With a powerful compressor and multiple fans running, an air conditioning unit can use a lot of power.

An evaporative cooler has just one fan and a low-power pump, so they use just a fraction of the energy as an air conditioning unit.Air conditioners are expensive. They not only have extensive mechanical parts, as mentioned above, but the cooling coils must be made of metal to exchange heat with the air properly. Air conditioners need to be charged initially and periodically with refrigerants. They also require a lot of energy to run.An evaporative cooler can be made mostly of molded plastic that can be assembled efficiently to make them less expensive initially. And they get to be an even better bargain when you factor in the reduced energy cost.An evaporative cooler typically has two mechanical parts: a fan and a pump.

An air conditioner usually has multiple fans and a compressor.More mechanical parts that are under more strain means that air conditioners are more likely to need more maintenance.Having fewer mechanical parts means that evaporative coolers can last longer. To help this even more, Portacool builds safeguards into our evaporative coolers so that pumps shut off to avoid burnout when water levels are low.Evaporative coolers can dramatically cool the air. In hot and dry conditions, they can drop the air as much as 30 degrees Fahrenheit. And if you stand in front of the cooler, the moving air can feel at least five degrees cooler still.

If you’ve gotten into your car on a hot day, you know it can take quite a while for the air conditioner to start to work, and that you have to put the conditioner on recirculate to get effective cooling. That’s because air conditioners depend on passing the air through several times to cool it stepwise.Evaporative coolers, on the other hand, cool air in a single pass through the evaporative media. This means essentially instant cooling, and it means that you can achieve effective cooling even when you can’t trap and contain cool air, such as when you’re outside or in a large open space like a garage or airplane hangar.In some parts of the country, the air can get oppressively dry in the summer. This can not only lead to dry skin, sore throats, and cracked lips, it can damage your hardwood floors and furniture. An evaporative cooler can help you avoid the harmful effects of too-dry air.

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