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What is the working principle of the air cooler?

Sep 24,2021
The working principle of the air cooler is to use a special wet curtain with a relatively large surface area. This wet curtain is made of paper and has a corrugated honey nest shape on the surface. In addition, its composition also includes a high-efficiency energy-saving fan and a water circulation system plus a float valve water replenishment device. This is the internal system device, and the external device is composed of various components such as the casing and electrical components.
Once the fan is running, a negative pressure must be generated inside the home cooler, which will cause the air outside the machine to pass through the wet curtain with very good water absorption due to the pressure, and then enter the cavity.
In this case, it can be seen that the water on the wet curtain will evaporate under adiabatic conditions, which takes away a lot of latent heat in this way. Then the air-conditioning air, which is purified, cooled and oxygenated, is transported to the workshop by the fan connected to it, and then undergoes a continuous convection process, so that the temperature environment in the workshop and the workshop can meet our requirements.

Features of air cooler:
1. Obvious cooling effect: in humid areas, it can generally reach a cooling effect of about 5-9℃; in particularly hot and dry areas, the cooling range can reach 10-15℃.
2. The investment cost is low and does not occupy the building area. Compared with the traditional compressor air-conditioning system, the cost is less than half.
3. Keep the indoor air clean, clean and hygienic.
4. Easy to maintain and install: The system is simple, easy to install and maintain quickly, without the need for professional maintenance personnel.
5. Prevent air drying: it can moisturize the skin and has certain benefits to the skin.
6. Easy to maintain and install, no professional maintenance personnel are required.

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